The Servetus case
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The Servetus case

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This book describes the trial in Geneva of Michael Servetus, a talented man, which ended in a tragedy: on 27 October 1553 he got burnt at the stake. Who or which institute was responsible? Frequently one hints at Calvin, because he allegedly controlled Geneva in that time. In the sources, however, then Calvin had to fight as a Trojan against the combined forces of fierce factionalism, xenophobia against refugees, ridiculisation of the ministry, popular anger and fear. Geneva’s Council followed a wavering course, which caused a deadlock that some tried to break by a consultation of their reformed allies (the city-states Basel, Bern, Schaffhausen and Zürich). In the midst of the power struggle Servetus had joined hands with the Enfants, a pressure group, and from hindsight this move was desastrous. Might Servetus, who as a Spaniard was unaware of the specific circumstances, have known? There exists a thread that he was more in the know than one would expect from a foreigner.

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