Shakespeare, Henry V and the Lessons for…
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Shakespeare, Henry V and the Lessons for Management

Éditeur : Vida Económica Editorial

Date de parution : 22/02/2012

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The principles andideasof Shakespeare'sHenryVandstillhavepractical application inmanagement.

Shakespeare,HenryVand theLessonsfor Managementisavaluable and unique contribution of ProfessorVasconcellose Sáto developmanagement techniquesin Portugal, allowing thiscountry to have asecond chanceto get upat their own pace,developingameritocracyand returndeservedto win thestatusof credibilityin the groupof developed nations.

AsProfessorVasconcellose Sashows, practices andmanagement techniquesare tobe usedin business andin the countries,in order tomake themsucceed.

“I am impressed with Vasconcellos offer of these rich lessons for management leadership and competitive business maneuvering. I only wish that he continues to write more.”

Philip Kotler (Professor at Northwestern University)

“Every business leader can learn a lot from Jorge Vasconcellos’ brilliant analysis and exceptionally well written lessons for business.”

Al Ries (author of the Bestsellers Marketing Warfare, Positioning, etc.)

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  • Date de parution : 22/02/12
  • Éditeur : Vida Económica Editorial
  • EAN : 9789727884582
  • Format : Multi-format
  • Nombre de pages: 130

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