Mammoth Books presents More Than Human
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Mammoth Books presents More Than Human

Stephen Jones (editor)

Éditeur : Robinson

Date de parution : 12/07/2015

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Format : ePub

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Synopsis :

After the Ape - Stephen Volk
"The notion of 'what happened next?' following a classic monster movie - probably the biggest and best - was an intriguing one to me," says Stephen Volk, "and not only the initial considerations of public health issues.
"Somehow kicking this off and shadowing its development was reading somewhere that King Kong was Hitler's favourite film. Why?
"Anyway the ape is not the monster in this tale. Far from it."

The Nonesuch - Brian Lumley
Brian Lumley reveals "readers who attended the KeoghCons in Torquay, Devon, will immediately recognize the only slightly disguised location in which this story is set... two previous tales in this sequence ('The Thin People' and 'Stilts') were narrated first-person by the protagonist, an unfortunate fellow who, where weird or unconventional collisions are concerned, appears to be accident prone - in spades! And being a recovering alcoholic hasn't much helped his case, because pink elephants just don't compare with the creatures he's wont to bump into.
"The earlier tales are alluded to, but briefly, which barely interferes with the pace of the current story. As to why I wrote this one: it's simply that I have a fondness for trilogies, let alone outré encounters . . ."

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  • Date de parution : 12/07/15
  • Éditeur : Robinson
  • EAN : 9781472102461
  • Format : ePub
  • Nombre de pages: 320

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  • ePub
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