Innovation for change
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Innovation for change

Éditeur : Vida Económica Editorial

Date de parution : 24/01/2014

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1. Science, innovation and entrepreneurship Getting science out of the box
- The Valley of Death of Portuguese entrepreneurship
- European policies for science and innovation
- A Europass to cut red tape in the Europe of the sciences
- A helpdesk for open innovation
- The importance of language in the scientific development of Portugal
- Health and wellness tourism in Portugal: innovation for change!
- Looking at companies from the viewpoint of science

2. Healthcare system reform
- Healthcare system reforms – between failure and the future
- The Troika is making a mistake by putting an end to the ADSE
- Has Sweden imported the ADSE?
- Low-cost healthcare: impossible
- Improving the quality of healthcare and lowering its costs

3. Laser: the challenge of disruptive technologies
- 50 years of laser technology, a disruptive technology
- Brazil, Portugal and Europe: partnerships for the future
- I love summer festivals: let’s be “dazzled” by the music, but only the music!

4. Doctors and society
- What doctors for the future?
- Doctors in power
- Polymedication and emerging pollutants - risks for the environment and human health
- Surgeons are the best looking

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