Geneva and the Consolidation of the French Protestant…
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Geneva and the Consolidation of the French Protestant Movement, 1564-1572 : a Contribution to the History of Congregationalism, Presbyterianism and Calvinist Resistance Theory

Éditeur : Librairie Droz

Date de parution : 01/01/1967

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Front-matter : Table of Abbreviations; Introduction; Chapter I : The Geneva Company of Pastors : Internal Developments, 1564-1572; Chapter II : The Geneva Company of Pastors : Its Mission to France, 1563-1572; Chapter III : Arguments over French Reformed Church Organization; A. The Institutional Background; B. The Internal Attack : Jean Morély and his Treatise on Christian Discipline; C. The Internal Quarrel : 1. First Reactions to Morély’s Proposal; 2. Morély in the Ile-de-France; 3. The Official Reply to Morély; 4. Morély at the Court of Navarre; 5. Ramus Enters the Quarrel; 6. The St. Bartholomew’s Massacres End the Quarrel; 7. Epilogue; D. The External Attack : Charles du Moulin; Chapter IV : Geneva and the French Wars of Religion, 1563-1572; A. The Peace of Amboise : 1. Immédiate Protestant Reactions; 2. Continuing Rumors of Sedition; B. {p. 8} The Renewal of War : Geneva and the Conspiracy of Meaux; C. Geneva’s Support For War : 1. Diplomatic Background; 2. The Second War of Religion; 3. The Third War of Religion; D. The Return of Peace; Conclusion; Back-matter : Appendixes; Annotated Bibliography; Index

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